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i am interested! Linux supported ?

Currently is only a demo and it's only for Windows, sorry.

now that i can see your profile picture clearly i realize that it looks like you're staring at a burrito in the far distance

i love burritos

I finished a gameplay of this game. For a Unity Development I am pleased with the graphics but I did feel it was short, will there be more of this game so I can follow and update my videos?

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Yes, it's a very short demo, it was develop in only 6 days. Currently we are working in a demo with more gameplay. If you want I can send you a mail when we released it or you can follow the game in the devlog ;)

hello, great I will follow on gamejolt, as I use unity for my work I can see this is a good example as an engine for games and I would be happy to resume my play of it when more is released. for game play suggestions I use my email:

Let me know how it goes if I miss it. I look forward to it,

is this the final version or is it a demo that you will build up on?

It's the game jam version. We are developing a demo with more gameplay.