A downloadable game for Windows

Barwoman puts you in the skin of a bartender. Quickly serve your clients what they ask and memorize all the cocktails at your disposal. Challenge your friends to earn the most buck in the short time your bar is open.

Programmer - Ricado de la Rosa - https://twitter.com/lock_rdr

Artist - Daniel Parra -https://twitter.com/DaniParraLopez

Programmer Martín Prado - https://twitter.com/martindark

Musician - Daniel Tejera - https://twitter.com/DanTejeraRock

Install instructions

While playing. Clicking the menu will show the combination necessary to create a drink. When you have memorize it you can click the menu again to close it and mix the cocktail.
Clicking small mixer on the counter will able you to select what bottle to pour into the mixer to create a cocktail, when you are satisfied with your mix, click the mix button and give to cocktail to the right person. If it was the right cocktail he or she will give you a thumbs up and some money.
See how many corrects drinks can you serve before time runs out.


Barwoman.zip 4 MB

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